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Casting Submission Tools

  • For Voiceover Agencies

    VOCADD is a powerful set of tools for voiceover talent agencies to submit their talent on projects, manage submissions, communicate with their clients and much, much more.

  • For Voiceover Talent

    Voice talent can create a professional voiceover profile and send to anyone, anytime and be seen by other voiceover agencies with our internal Agency search. More features coming soon!

  • Demo Delivery

    Voiceover agencies can send creatives completely private specialized packages of their talent.

  • Voiceover Casting

    Talent agencies can create internal voice casting calls from current projects, customize how they want to receive them, quickly review and download submissions as well as communicate with their clients all in one place.

  • Project Submission

    Quickly submit your talent on any project globally in seconds.


My Agents leave me feedback on some of my submissions and I love it.

Lisa T, Manhatten NY 

It's stunning this wasn't created years ago. Amazing work!

— Samantha R, Clearwater FL

Now I know my agency is receiving all of my submissions. It's worth it to me for that reason alone.

— Mark J, Los Angeles CA

The personal account is great. I can send out my material in a more professional manner. Thank you!

— Arnold F, Charleston WV

A lot easier to work on projects with my international voice agents.

— Marjan L, Warsaw Poland

21st Century Voiceover Auditions...Finally!!!

— Thomas S, Hollywood, CA

Personal Account Pricing


  • (No Commitment Monthly plan)


  • (Save 10% Paying Semi-Annually)


  • (Save 25% Paying Yearly)

Personal Account Pricing means unlimited access to our acclaimed Talent Portfolio Features

  • Create and develop dynamic Talent Portfolios in just a few minutes
  • Smart and easy to use Portfolio interface for quick editing
  • Compatible on all smart phone devices and computers
  • Send to agents, managers and producers globally through one click

Represented Talent Account Pricing


  • (No Commitment Monthly plan)


  • (Save 10% Paying Semi-Annually)


  • (Save 25% Paying Yearly)

Agency Account Pricing means full access to our state of the art Voiceover system

  • Access the latest voice casting projects directly from your agency 
  • View and upload auditions online quickly through an easy to use interface 
  • Create, customize and send your voiceover profile to anyone 
  • Build your resume, include training, special skills, equipment, languages, accents...
  • Add up to 15 voiceover demos and samples 
  • Include additional representation information 
  • Receive feedback on your auditions and much more…

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